HOUSTON Randolph Gibson has been riding a Metro bus for years, but he says what took place Tuesday morning caught him off guard.

I was sitting here and they were surrounding me, said Gibson as he sat at a bus stop located at Bellfort and Scott Street. I just had to react in the moment.

Gibson claims a group of teenage boys tried to knock him out.

So I saw he had his hand behind his back and he went to try to hit me, said Gibson. So I hit him and all of the rest of them just came in.

Gibson managed to run away, but KHOU 11 News was told that about a week ago, another man waiting at a bus stop at Bellfort and Cullen Street was knocked unconscious by a group of teenage males.

The victim was one of Gibson s friends.

They broke his jaw, said Gibson. He had wires in his jaw. He had to get his jaw wired.

Reverend James Nash with Houston s Ministers Against Crime, says he reported both incidents to police. He believes the attackers are trying to play the knockout game, where suspects assault people at random and post the videos to the internet.

And my concern is that someone s going to get hurt real bad because they re not going to know what to watch out for or who to look out for, said Nash.

Gibson says he learned those lessons the hard way.

It is a shame, said Gibson. It s just a shame.

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