HOUSTON -- The Harris County District Attorney's office is warning about a new scam involving bounced checks.

The scammer calls up and claims to be with the Worthless Check Division. Pam Weisel's friend got the call.

She called me right after she got off the phone with em, said Weisel. She was almost crying.

The caller had some of her personal information and claimed she needed to use a credit card to pay off the hot check or risk going to jail.

Luckily, the woman didn't give up her credit card number and Weisel reported the call to the Harris County DA's office.

We contacted John Boone, he's the chief of the check fraud division. He says their office only calls as a last resort and only accepts cashier's check or money orders.

The main thing is don't give out your credit card number to people, said Boone. We're never going to ask for that. If you get a letter that looks like it's from the district attorney's office, you can call us up.

You can contact the Harris County District Attorney's office by calling (713) 755-5800.

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