HOUSTON, Texas -- A swarm of bees nesting in an abandoned home killed a dog and stung the animal's owner.

Felipe Mendoza says he came outside to find his dogs being attacked by the insects. He was able to save one dog, but the other died from hundreds of stings.

Mendoza, who is 77, was taken to the hospital as a precaution after he was stung by one of the insects.

The bees built a large nest inside a neighboring vacant home in the 900 block of 66th Street.

I'd say it's pretty dangerous, said Mendoza's niece, Arlene Almazan. They kind of follow you and attack.

The Houston Department of Neighborhoods sent out an inspector who called an exterminator to destroy the nest.

Normally, city officials have to wait for an owner's permission or for a public hearing to go into a building. They determined the bees were an imminent threat and called in someone to take care of the problem.

The exterminator plans to come back out Friday to make sure the insects are dead.

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