HOUSTON -- An Austin County woman has rescued a stray all the way from Sochi, Russia.

Carol Davis was moved by news reports of strays being put down in Sochi to clean up the streets just before this year s winter Olympics.

Davis said, (the animals were) poisoned and shot and it wasn t a pretty site. Davis, a court reporter with her own company in Houston, connected with a Russian trying to save the strays.

The Russian built a rescue shelter outside of town.

She started going in at night and getting the dogs off the street, said Davis.

Davis decided to adopt one four months ago. After $1,800, a sheaf of paperwork, and a 10-hour Lufthansa flight, she was finally at Bush Intercontinental airport armed with toys and treats, including some homemade doggie biscuits.

Davis greeted the pointer mix as it came up in a van. She named him Stetson and it was love at first site. She took a cowboy hat off her head and showed it to the dog.

Look it, a hat for you, said Davis. I got you a hat.

Davis owns a working ranch in Cat Spring near Bellville. She s also active with All Border Collie Rescue and will put Stetson to work out at Blisswood Ranch.

Some wonder, there are plenty of strays here so why not just adopt locally rather than from across the globe?

I have rescued from Houston, all over Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma so I have done a lot of that, said Davis. I feel like I have done my dues here and will continue to. This is just one, just one.

It may not be. Turns out she has her eye on another dog from Sochi but wants to see how things go with Stetson first.

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