PERRY, Georgia -- A former radiology technician accused of mishandling more than 1,000 mammogram results will spend up to six months in a state detention center.

Rachael Rapraeger pleaded guilty Tuesday to 10 counts of reckless conduct and 1 count of computer forgery.

That was part of a plea agreement with prosecutors.

She was sentenced as a first offender.

Judge Katherine Lumsden sentenced her to:

  • 12 months probation for each count of reckless conduct (misdemeanor)
  • On one count of computer forgery (felony), she was sentenced to 10 years. She will serve 160 to 180 days in a state probation detention center.
  • She was ordered to pay $12,500 fine

She will report Thursday morning to be taken into custody.

Rapraeger allegedly told more than 1,200 women their mammograms came back clean, although a doctor never read the results.

When retested, prosecutors said 10 of the women found out they did have breast cancer. At least two of them died.

Rapraeger faced 10 counts of reckless conduct and 10 counts of fraud.

She's been out on bond since 2010.

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