GALVESTON BAY, Texas -- Attorneys representing a shrimp boat captain are bringing attention to an entire catch of shrimp coated in oil.

Pictures released to KHOU show oil saturated on several shrimp.

According to the captain s attorneys, the shrimp were caught a few miles out of Galveston near the place where 168,000 gallons of thick oil spilled into the ocean.

Shrimp on the gulf coast are the best, but you re going to be wondering where it came from, said Bob Pedley.

Several seafood businesses say shrimp sales have already taken an immediate hit because of public perception.

The sale is down, and the reason why, people are afraid of eating shrimp because of the oil spill, said Linda Speth, owner of Emery s Seafood near Kemah Boardwalk.

Linda Speth says the smaller, bay shrimp are affected by the spill that happened two weeks ago. However, she says her larger, best selling shrimp comes from further out in the gulf.

It affects the bay boat, the smaller boat, who can t go out into the gulf, explained Speth.

Speth is already getting some of her seafood, including oysters, from Louisiana because of the contaminated water. That has caused prices to go up.

You ve got to truck it in. That costs money, added Speth. You re going to put fishermen on welfare because they can t make a living, added Speth.


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