HOUSTON -- Police say two men nearly ran over an officer Thursday morning who caught them stealing tires.

It happened outside an apartment complex in the 7300 block of Ardmore Street. Both of the suspects were in their 20 s.

A security guard called 911 after spotting them and an officer was soon at the scene.

But the men did not go easily. Instead of stopping for that officer, they charged him in their car and struck several vehicles parked along the road.

That officer fired at the suspects and the sound woke up tenants.

I was pretty freaked out, resident Fatima Sultan said. I couldn t go to sleep.

Police soon caught up with the car at Dixie and Almeda, but by then the driver was the only person inside. His passenger had jumped out, leaving nothing but blood behind.

Turns out the car they tried to steal from belonged to Alonso Mendoza, who said it was a rental.

It was not long ago when he saw someone else s car on blocks outside the building.

I think it was about four, five months ago, he said. I just came out for work and glad it s not mine.

There was little he could do this time. Those guys are pros, he said.

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