GALVESTON, Texas -- Mardi Gras in Galveston is supposed to be a good time. That s why 19-year-old Kyle Beaty and his 16-year-old friend Cannon Mitchell say they went to the island Saturday night.

We were just trying to have a good time at Mardi Gras, said Mitchell. We didn t have anything else to do.

But before their night had ended, the fun had turned into chaos.

There was tear gas in the air, said Beaty. People started spreading out and going crazy.

Police arrested both teens and 17 others. But Beaty and Mitchell, who were charged with disorderly conduct and inciting a riot, insist they did nothing wrong.

I was just screaming like what did I do, said Beaty.

Police wouldn t comment on their specific arrest. But Galveston s Police chief has said his officers had to move in to control the situation after some people in the crowd became violent.

We re not going to allow people to come from another city and throw bottles and attack our officers, said Chief Henry Porretto.

Videos posted on YouTube seem to show a bottle being thrown. Still, A family advocate thinks police may have over reacted.

And I think they should be better trained, said Quanell X. If you believe that there s a problem element in a crowd of people, don t attack the crowd.

Galveston police stand by their actions that night, but a pair of friends who were arrested still wonder why.

What happened, asked Beaty.

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