HARRIS COUNTY, Texas It was a wild scene in north Harris County Monday after reports of a possible sniper put two nearby schools on lockdown.

Dozens of police vehicles, including an armored truck, descended on Darbydale Crossing where several homes are under construction.

What the people are saying is it s someone with an AK 47... in the bushes hiding, randomly just sniping, said Teresa Moran, who lives nearby.

Air 11 flew overhead as deputies with riot shields approached a house with guns drawn.

In the end, it was all just a misunderstanding.

Turned out, an Iraqi war veteran was using an air rifle for target practice. He accidentally fired a shot into one of the homes under construction. An off-duty Homeland Security agent and potential buyer -- just happened to be inside that house when the glass shattered right next to him.

He looked out and saw the soldier holding what he thought was a telescopically high-powered rifle so he called the sheriff.

An active shooter call dropped, said Captain Jay Coons with the Harris County Sheriff s Office.

Eickenroht and Hoyland elementary schools were placed on lockdown until 25-year-old Ramon Hooks was taken into custody.

His wife showed us the makeshift target he put up between his home and the vacant houses for his daily target practice.

Dionne Hooks thinks authorities overreacted.

I m being honest: You can tell a pellet gun when you look at a pellet gun, she said.

Her husband, an active-duty soldier, now faces criminal mischief charges and more punishment when he gets home.

He is in the dog house for a long, long time. He sure is, Dionne said.

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