HOUSTON Some love letters and cards may not make it for Valentine s Day after a huge mail spill on an access road along the Katy Freeway.

Air 11 was overhead at Beltway 6 after the door of a semi flew open and thousands of letters spilled out.

The truck had originated in North Houston and was just blocks from the Fleetwood Post Office station, where it was to drop off mail for distribution.

Traffic was tied up for nearly an hour, as officials shut down Highway 6 in both directions and USPS vehicles were brought in to collect and re-box the mail.

Though the post office claims every parcel was collected, customers say they cannot be sure. George Blitch is waiting on items for his daughter s sweet 16.

We ordered some dresses and couple of bracelets and stuff online, he said.

Others are taking it in stride.

Well, the government has its problems just like everybody else, customer Ray Reid said.

There s nothing much we can do about it, said customer Maria Perez.

The USPS is not saying what specifically went wrong, only that it was an equipment malfunction. The trailer could be seen in the Fleetwood lot with damage to its door.

Officials say some mail was damaged too and it will be reworked before it is sent again.

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