HOUSTON A Houston man relentlessly harassed and threatened his ex-girlfriend and her family members, even while the woman was receiving treatment for cancer, according to the University at Texas Police Department.

Steven David Windham, 27, was charged with stalking.

According to court documents, Windham bombarded his victim and her mother with phone calls and text messages from January 28 to February 7, demanding to know where she was.

He did all of this, despite knowing that his ex girlfriend was diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing treatment at MD Anderson Hospital. He began calling his ex at the hospital, but she hung up after recognizing his voice. He then immediately sent her an email saying he wanted to rape her.

Windham would not stop there; he even targeted his ex-girlfriend s mother, according to investigators. He allegedly bombarded the mother with text messages, sending 49 in just one day. In one of his messages, he asked the mother if she knew what a crime of passion meant. The mother said she was in fear for her life and her daughter s.

Police had enough evidence and moved forward with trying to put an end to the harassment. Formal charges were filed on February 7.

Windham was arrested in San Antonio Friday evening.

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