MISSOURI CITY, Texas It was a cold day for discipline outside Marshall High School Friday. One by one, students were checked for contraband as they entered.

That contraband included backpacks.

Student Tamisha Oates could only take her wallet and phone inside.

Like how are we going to do our work? she asked I didn t bring nothing today.

Administrators have been desperate to fix a not-so-secret problem of violence.

Two years ago a student used a lock in a sock to attack a girl on campus. This week, the school was on lockdown after more fights broke out.

It is still not clear what those fights were over, or how many of them there were. Estimates are anywhere from three to eight.

It s the cool kids versus the lame kids, something like that, student Anthony Jones said. He denied that fighting at school is normal.

Parents insisted the problem was not about drugs or gangs, but order.

I think it s these people [administrators] letting these children run over the school, take over, parent Anita Odinga said.

They need to buckle down, they really do, cause that s the only way it s going to stop, parent Kimberly Stamps said. They need to put their foot down, let them know this is a learning institution.

The district may be trying. In addition to banning backpacks, time was shortened between class and lunch was supervised in classrooms.

There were also more officers present to help in the effort to turn the campus around.

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