SAN ANTONIO -- A marine veteran is bringing to attention to improper flag etiquette at various fire stations in San Antonio.

Robert Flores tells KENS 5 he passed by a fire station by his house every day and noticed the flag was not illuminated. He went around the city and counted about half of the stations without light and a flag out on the pole during the day.

If you know a Marine, you would understand. It's basically a part of what we are. We stand behind the flag. It's basically a representation of everybody who served and I find it disrespectful, said Flores.

If displayed,a flag must only be up from sunrise to sunset,according to theU.S. Flag Code. Although the flag can be up all hours of the day if it is illuminated. There are no federal laws making it illegal.

Fire Chief Charles Hood said he contacted the fire stations with improper flag etiquette. The stations plan to put in a work order to fix the flag or light it properly.

There's major challenges when we have emergency situations happen around the time the sun goes down, Hood said. You could be at a two-alarm fire for four, five or six hours and that flag unfortunately, is left outside.

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