Don't whizz on the Alamo: That's the message District Attorney is sending after a man plead to a felony level charge for urinating on the wall of the Alamo.

Daniel Athens, 23, plead to a charge of felony level criminal mischief of a public monument or place of human burial after he urinated on the wall of the Alamo on April 14, 2012, according to a release.

Athens was visiting from the El Paso area when an Alamo Ranger found him urinating on the Alamo and Athens was taken into custody, according to the release. Athens' actions racked up to $4,000 in damages.

Athens faces a plea bargain for a cap of 18 months in the state jail facility with the State opposing any application for probation, according to the release.

Athens' case is set for April 14 for sentencing.

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