HOUSTON -- For second year in a row, the Budweiser ad has been voted best Super Bowl Commercial by USA Today's Ad Meter. The star, both years, is a Houston-area guy who grew up in Humble.

Some 100 million people saw Super Bowl 2014 and likely the sentimental ad which tells the story of the unlikely friendship between a dog and a horse. It stars hometown actor Don Jeanes who comes from a family of ranchers.

My granddad has been on the Jeanes ranch in Dayton, Texas since1950, said Jeanes.

The boy who played football at Humble High School hasn't lost his touch. His cowboy roots helped land him last year's super-popular Super Bowl Budweiser advertisement.

I was the only one of the guys to take the horse, and put my face against the muzzle, said Jeanes.

The 33-year-old actor heard rumors from friends he might make an encore performance.

Friends were messaging me on Facebook saying, They're gonna bring you back. I said, Don't play with me.

Last time, he didn't know the shoot was for the big game.

This year it was a little bit more pressure cause I knew how much everything was costing, said Jeanes.

It cost $4 million for a 30 second spot in the Super Bowl.

Jeanes was already making strides in his acting career. Helanded the Neil Armstrong role in Transformers 3. He's appeared in CSI episodes and a few films like the upcoming Dark Amazon. He knows those Super Bowl ads help a lot.

You can't buy that kind of notoriety, said Jeanes. Well you can, but ...

Jeanes is a full-time actor.

As for the tough Hollywood career, Jeanes believes, it's hard to stay positive, but if you can stay positive, you're golden.

It seems, he is the golden boy of the Super Bowl ads.

Pretty cool, pretty cool, said Jeanes.

That s pretty good for a small town cowboy.

We met Don Jeanes appropriately enough at the Houston Polo Club, which each year hosts the Budweiser Clydesdales during the Houston Rodeo.

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