CLEVELAND, Texas Residents of a Cleveland neighborhood were shocked to learn that their neighbor has been missing since late December.

Joy Upham, 65, was last seen in Conroe on Dec. 28th, according to the Montgomery County Sheriff s Office.

Shewas last seen in the area of East Davis and Loop 336 East.

When she didn t come home, her boyfriend in Cleveland reported her missing. The couple lived together in the Oakridge neighborhood.

Her neighbors across the street say she lived with her boyfriend and they saw her often.

She got along with everybody that came to the house, said Cody Jacobs, a neighbor. I can see how maybe she would want to get away for a little bit for herself. It d be really surprising if something did happen.

Jacobs said he saw Upham and her boyfriend together all the time.

I hope she does come back. She s really nice and I want to see her again, Jacobs said. And it s really sad if she doesn t come back because she was a really nice lady.

Upham was last seen in Conroe wearing black pants, a black jacket and brown boots.

If you have any information, please call the Montgomery County Sheriff s office at 936-760-5800.


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