CONROE, Texas Area school districts are already closing for the day or announcing later than normal start times for Friday due to the Winter Storm Warning issued for Southeast Texas.

>>For a list of school closings in the Houston area, click here.

For parents waiting to find out what Friday holds for them, there is not a lot of experience to go on.

I ve been in Texas for almost 17 years and I have never seen snow besides Dallas. I never seen snow here, so hopefully we don t get any snow, Alayda Lira said.

Lira and other students and parents have to look to the school districts for what comes next. She has children in all levels of the Conroe ISD.

It is an issue, but what can you do about it? Unless you have a very good weatherman, she added.

KHOU 11 News does have good meteorologists, four of them in fact, but no one has a crystal ball and most districts don t even depend on a meteorologist. They depend on getting their vehicles out on the roads and seeing what conditions are in real time.

Parents picking up children in the cold rain are hoping for word sooner than that.

Hopefully this afternoon when I get home maybe they will have a letter saying they will cancel, said one father.

Laura Ferguson normally walks to pick up her second-grader, but on Thursday she drove.

I think that most parents want to know by tonight, she said.

However, that is unlikely at this point.

Most of the districts said they will make the decision to close or push back the start of the school day early in the morning ideally by 5 a.m. but by 6 a.m. at the latest.

Then I just have to get up a 5 a.m. and make sure that everyone takes a bath and get them ready. Just in case, Lira said.

There is plenty of skepticism that the sleet or ice or even snow will show up at all.

Jim Prentice thinks the odds are, pretty low, pretty low.

Besides, even when the weather turns wicked Ferguson said there is always a bright side on a snow day.

It will be fun though. It will be fun. Maybe. If you are not on the roads it will be fun, she said.

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