HOUSTON A woman living in Kashmere Gardens has had it with her neighbors who own horses in the northeast Houston neighborhood.

Patsy Malvo said she is frustrated because those who own horses often do not pick up after their animals.

If you have a dog, you re gonna like, scoop up dog poop, Malvo said. She claims she often picks up the mess herself. One horse owner said that they did not think it was a big issue.

It s grass. You run over it. It s just grass. It s just hay and grass, horse owner Mark Anthony said.

Another horse owner said he is doing the right thing.

They have pooped on the street before, horse owner Albert Mitchell said of his horses, but I clean it up. I respect my neighbors.

After all, he works for the city s sanitation department.

Malvo said clean up does not always take place, and she pointed to a fresh pile of manure in someone s driveway.

Not should be poop-pooing in the street, Willie Brown said.

Someone else said the situation distresses her 93-year-old mother, who lives on the street.

We wanted someone to clean it up, because it s in front of her house and she s not able to get out here and do it, Delores Wade said.

Malvo said she has called police numerous times and plans to go talk to Houston City Council members about the problem. She wants horse owners fined. City ordinance states leaving horse waste in the street is illegal.

There are other issues on Wayne Street that concern Malvo also, like, trash dumping, crime and abandoned houses.

You know I m only one person. I can only do so much, she said. Malvo is hoping that eliminating the elimination problem will be the start of many needed improvements in her neighborhood.

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