FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas A man was recovering from a robbery and beating after four suspects barged into his Katy home with weapons early Thursday.

Brian Washington said he was pistol-whipped and beaten with a chair after being ambushed by the four bandits who followed his girlfriend home around 3 a.m.

The robbers busted down doors and ransacked rooms, taking $8,000 Washington had stored in a shoebox. They also put a gun to his girlfriend s head.

Four other people who were home at the time managed to get away and call for help.

Washington, who works in the entertainment industry, was on the kitchen floor when deputies arrived.

I definitely think this was an inside job. Someone knew, someone tipped them off to where they might be able to find me thinking that I have something that I don t, he said. You know, thinking that it may be drugs or money or anything like that, but it s surely not.

The four suspects ran out the back of the house and through a neighbor s yard to get away. Several of the homes have surveillance cameras in the area, but it is still not clear if any clear images were captured.

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