DALLAS The Dallas Zoo said a six-month-old cheetah cub died Tuesday after suffering a brief but severe respiratory illness.

The cub, named Kamau, and his brother Winspear both became ill last week, the zoo said. Winspear is stable and said to be recovering.

The cubs had a very close bond, said Lynn Kramer, the zoo's vice president of animal operations and welfare. Kamau loved to play, and he was particularly fond of pouncing on top of his brother.

Kramer, who is a veterinarian, said the type of illness that both cheetahs suffered can worsen very quickly. She said the cheetahs had been vaccinated against feline distemper and other respiratory illnesses.

The Dallas Zoo encouraged visitors to share their thoughts and photos featuring Kamau on the organization's Facebook page.

The zoo posted this YouTube video of Winspear and Kamau shortly after they were born:

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