FORT WORTH, Texas Dan and Keva Montrose acquired a lot of baby things long before they had a child.

A lot of it is things we've collected throughout the pregnancies and now get to use, said Keva, 28.

She had no trouble getting pregnant; Keva just couldn't stay pregnant. She lost six pregnancies in three years.

Basically, my body is not strong enough to handle a pregnancy, Keva said in 2012. It dilates too soon.

We had all the losses, and all we had was heartache from pregnancy after pregnancy. Now, we actually have a child, Dan said.

News 8 first met the couple in 2012 after they entered a video contest and won free in vitro fertilization a $12,000 process from Sher Fertility Clinics.

The Montroses hired a young woman from Amarillo to be the surrogate and had a baby boy two weeks ago. They named him Remington Scott Montrose.

I think I have more anxiety that he's here ... than through the delivery process, Keva said.

Sher Fertility Clinic at Medical City Dallas retrieved her eggs, created nine embryos and then froze them. They used a couple to have Remington, but have some left over, meaning the Montroses can expand their family in the future.

We can use those embryos without having to repeat all the work. It's done. We can just thaw the embryos, transfer them, and expect a decent outcome, said clinic physician Dr. Walid Saleh.

Dan and Keva haven't yet decided what to do whether to implant the eggs in a surrogate and have more children, or adopt out the embryos.

Even with free in-vitro, having Remington with a surrogate cost the couple $40,000.

They cut back on TV, never purchased smart phones and saved for the surrogate to invest in a family.

We had a few family members who gave us a little money and we just saved. We didn't go out, didn't go on vacation, didn't buy new clothes; we just worked a lot of overtime.


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