LIBERTY, Texas A replica of the Governor s Mansion in Austin was donated by former Governor Price Daniel to showcase Texas and world history.

The mansion that pops up out of nowhere is located in the town of Liberty and it seems like a fortress. But it only took a few seconds for a burglar to break in and steal precious pieces of history.

And we are very sad to lose these items and we will not be able to teach the history of this area quite as well, said Texas State Library Commissioner Sandra J. Pickett.

Among the items stolen from the Jean and Price Daniel House were World War II era swords, a bible, a cabinet full of silverware, and a large, prized, ornate, handmade Indian headdress.

Liberty police said they d like to talk to the man shown in the surveillance video trying to open a door at nearby home.

He appeared to be casing the home but forgot when he discovered someone was home.

He was last seen walking down the road with a limp toward the mansion, which was broken into at about the same time.

In all its years, the mansion had never been broken into. We are told what was stolen probably isn t worth a whole lot of money. It s the lost memories that hurt the most.

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