DULUTH, Ga. (WHAS11) A high school senior in Georgia has been suspended for a year and will not graduated on time because he hugged a teacher.

Sam McNair says what was meant to brighten a teacher s day is now putting his college plans in jeopardy.

McNair and his mother April describe themselves as being huggers.

When McNair hugged a teacher last month, he could have never imagined it would result in a year-long suspension for sexual harassment.

Surveillance video shows McNair placing his arms around the teacher to hug her then she turns and pushes him away.

McNair s lips and cheeks touched her neck and he says he never kissed his teacher.

I have 5 months left in my senior year. I don t see why they d take that away from me, McNair said.

McNair s mother says the school should have notified her if there was an issue with his hugging before suspending him and derailing his college plans.

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