HOUSTON -- An East Houston man is in jail accused of abusing his elderly parents.

Jaime Gonzales, 46, is facing 2 counts of injury to an elderly person.

The Gonzalez family has lived in the same house on Wood Bayou for more than 25 years. It is well kept and the family is well liked.

That's what makes what happened here according to police, that much more of a mystery to neighbors.

They have been beautiful people that is why it is kind of shocking to understand that he would do his parents like that, said Malcome Francis who lives across the street.

Lupe Gonzalez, 83, is wheelchair bound and his son cares for his father and his 79-year-old step mother.

Court documents show police were called here on December 4 after Lupe was put out of his own house by his son.

Those court documents suggest the son picked up his father out of the chair and tried to shove him into the back seat of a car, but he missed and injured his father s leg.

This not the first time recently though that there has been trouble with the son, just last month neighbors say he was arrested after a fistfight with another neighbor.

Neighbors say that the son is treated for a mental disorder and sometimes does not take his medication.

The Gonzalez raised four children here in all. Jamie is the only one who still lives here. For now Lupe and Mary Gonzalez are staying somewhere else.

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