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HOUSTON The Astrodome got a new look Sunday night after high-powered explosives brought three large ramp towers crumbling to the ground.

A day later, supporters were wondering if the demolition spelled doom for the 8th Wonder of the World.

I don t want to see it go down, said Arthur Mercadel.

The sad thing for me is that they didn t figure out what to do with it before they built all the other sporting venues, said Willie Ellis.

But county judge Ed Emmett said bringing down the towers and clearing out asbestos from the building had to be done, regardless of what happens next.

What happened last night is not a predictor in any way of what will happen going forward, said Emmett.

He said the $8 million project was approved by Commissioners Court before voters rejected the bond referendum to turn the dome into a massive exhibit hall.

According to Emmett, commissioners continue to receive ideas but few people have come forward with concrete plans to raise money.

And Emmett said with the 2017 Super bowl fast approaching, time to save the dome is running out.

Because we can t just leave this building there like a rusting ship in a parking lot, said Emmett.

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