SPRING, Texas Tires thieves are back at it again in the Gleannloch Farms subdivision in Spring, and now their victims are trying to raise awareness through social media.

The Draper family woke up Saturday morning to find their Chevy Tahoe on blocks in their Steppin Stoneway driveway without tires. A neighbor called them early Saturday morning to tell them the horrible news.

This just makes my blood boil just watching this, Chris Draper said.

Draper even thought he took the necessary precautions to prevent the theft from happening.

We even heard someone recommend that you turn the steering wheel all the way to one direction, Draper said.

The thieves could be seen on surveillance cameras taking the wheels right off. During the 40 minutes recorded on camera, they were seen getting nervous and kept looking around.

They were definitely watching, because they kept looking back at the direction of the street, Draper said.

Draper s wife wanted everyone to know what happened to them.

The next thing we did was go to Facebook, Missy Draper, Chris wife, said.

Draper posted the surveillance video of the suspects on their community Facebook page.

We want to raise awareness and also want to catch these guys. It s been going on. This morning, I posted a picture of our vehicle sitting up on blocks, from there gave a description, Missy Draper said.

Within a matter of a couple of hours, dozens of responses poured in.

One member said, Unbelievable, something really needs to be done, Missy Draper said.

The crew replacing the wheels said they see trucks like these getting stripped every day.

The Tahoes, and more Silverado s actually, the chrome, chrome 20 s, those are the wheels they take more. They take the factory wheels all the time. They make a lot more money on these wheels than after market wheels, Jerry Devora, who was replacing the tires, said.

This area has been hit hard with tire thieves in the past.

Earlier this summer there was a rash of tire wheel thefts. We thought we will do everything we can to protect ourselves, Draper said.

The Drapers are now making sure they won t be victimized again. They just purchased motion sensor lights, and will be installing them around the exterior of the house.

That s my biggest fear, it starts out with tire and wheel theft, and then does it lead to kick-door break-in robberies? Draper said.

Surveillance cameras did not capture the getaway car. In the meantime, neighbors will be vigilant and watching out for one another.

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