HOUSTON Police said a woman found her elderly parents dead in their west Houston home on Monday evening, but it wasn t immediately clear how the man and woman died.

Investigators said the couple had been dead for days.

Police identified them as 86-year-old Robert Broussard and 92-year-old Marie. They were found dead in the same room.

Was it horrible the way I found them? Was it traumatic? Yes, but in a way it was beautiful, said Robyn Underwood, the couple's only daughter.

The home is located in the 12000 block of Briar Forest near S. Kirkwood, according to officers with the Houston Police Department.

I looked off to the right and they were both lying in their dining room and I saw mother and I was like, Oh my God, said Underwood.

Underwood said her mother and father had apparently been getting ready to go to the YMCA to go swimming.

She was in the middle of getting dressed to get into her bathing suit. Dad had covered her up with something, he didn t even get a chance to get dressed himself, and then something happened to him, said Underwood.

Underwood thinks he died of a broken heart.

The couple met in college, three weeks later, they got married. That was back in 1949. Nine years later, they had Underwood, their only child.

She taught French and English, She expressed herself very eloquently in letters. Dad, on the other hand, was an engineer, he would spell mop with two Ps. They were totally different, said Underwood.

They served in the Air Force together. Their lives changed after their only grandson was born.

They taught me so much when they were here, said Donnie Attilio, their grandson.

I think dad s sole purpose in life, at this point, was to take care of mom, said Underwood.

There were no visible wounds, or other signs of trauma on the bodies. Investigators also said there appeared to be no signs of forced entry into the home.

An autopsy will determine the cause of death.

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