HOUSTON - A robber chose the wrong person to try and steal from and ended up getting shot, Houston police said late Tuesday.

According to officers with the Houston Police Department, it happened as two brothers were in their car outside an apartment complex on Northborough Drive at Rushcreek Drive. As the men waited for a girlfriend to come outside, the would-be robber walked up and pushed a gun through the driver s window.

Police said the driver, an off-duty reserve deputy from Louisiana, pulled out his gun and opened fire. The suspect was shot in the neck and was sent to the hospital in critical condition.

After the shooting, HPD said the deputy sped away and called 911.

Right now we believe he fled just for his own protection because of the robbery -- being set-up in an unknown parking lot, said HPD Investigator Nathan Rosenblatt. The parking lot was unknown to him.

Neither the deputy nor his brother were hurt. Both were taken in for questioning.

HPD said prosecutors may file charges against the robbery suspect, if he survives.

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