WOODLANDHEIGHTS, Texas -- A 56-year-old bound to a wheelchair believes she has been targeted by the lowest of the low .

Kathy Bednarek woke up on Monday morning to learn her handicap accessible van had been stolen.

The blue 1997 Astro van had a handicap placard inside and was filled with thousands of dollars worth of equipment that Bednarek depends on to get around.

It did mean the world to me. It meant the world to us, Bednarek said.

The van was stolen in the 400 block of Bayland Avenue.

Husband Albert Bednarek was the one who discovered the van missing from where it had been parked on the street.

All I ve been wanting to do is beat somebody up, Albert said. If I could grab him, I d love to beat the tar out of him and hope he d learn this lesson.

Kathy said she hasn t been able to work for the last 20 years. She suffers from an auto immune disease and a number of other serious health problems.

She believes the crook knew of her handicap and just didn t care.

It took my husband years to work for that. You re probably going to throw it in the garbage. Kathy said. What if you had no way to walk? What if you couldn t take care of yourself?

Kathy doesn t know how she s going to get around.

The family called Houston Police on Monday morning, and an officer took down a report over the phone. HPD said it was going to be following up with the family in the days to come.

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