KANSAS CITY The Houston Texans weren t the only ones who had a lousy experience at Arrowhead Stadium.

Some Texans fans who traveled to Kansas City for the game say the Chiefs fans were rude and unruly.

Jacki Dowling, the wife of injured Houston firefighter Captain Bill Dowling, was at the game with her three children.

She said the city is beautiful and the weather was great, but things turned ugly inside the stadium.

We were flicked off, more times than I can count, beer thrown on us from the section above, they chanted how much Houston sucked, and on and on, Dowling posted on Facebook. I think I will stay in Houston next time. If I m gonna spend my money, it will be in a city that is a little more hospitable. I love a little friendly rivalry, but this wasn t friendly. However, I still had a great time with my kids, and again, I am so proud of my Texans!

Dowling told us they did meet a few friendly Chiefs fans, but the rest of the need a lesson in sportsmanship.

Captain Bill Dowling has been hospitalized since the May 31st motel fire that killed four of his colleagues. He lost both legs, suffered brain damage and continues to undergo physical therapy.

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