SPRING, Texas -- Two armed men barged into a mother's home and one of the suspects pointed a gun at her 2-year-old daughter.

The home invasion happened just after noon on Monteith Drive in Spring.

Victim Taylor Harrison said one of the robbers got angry because her child was making noise.

My daughter was screaming and crying, he pointed the gun at her, and was like shut up, shut up, Harrison said. I was like, oh my God, please don't kill my baby.

At that point, she said the other suspect started arguing with his friend and told him to stop.

He was like, dude, chill, don't kill the baby. What is wrong with you, Harrison said.

The robbers demanded electronics. Harrison said they seemed to know exactly where the family's video game system, laptop computer and cell phones were kept.

Because of their familiarity with the home, Harrison believes the robbers could be high school aged acquaintances of her younger sister, who also lives at the residence.

Shortly before the robbery, a young man came to the door twice asking for the sister.

When the robbers came in they were wearing masks, but Harrison said she recognized one of their voices as the male who came to the door earlier.

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