HOUSTON A mother from Cleveland is asking questions about bruises and cuts found on her autistic son s body when he came home from Southside Primary School on Monday.

All I did was break down and cried because he s my heart, said Kelton Yates grandmother.

The 7-year-old, who is partially blind, deaf and mute couldn t explain why he had cuts and bruises on his left arm and shoulder.

Danielle Buckley took her son to the Cleveland Police Department to file a report. She was told she would have to report the incident to the district.

Buckley said a city police officer told her, it appears someone grabbed her son and dug their nails into his skin.

KHOU 11 News shot video of what appeared to be several red marks on the boy s arm. Scabs had formed on small tears on his skin.

Buckley said no one from the Cleveland I. S.D. would tell her what happened. No one from the district had returned any of our calls either when this story was filed late Friday afternoon.

While we were taking pictures in front of the school, another parent approached us and said she had concerns about the school too.

Melody Odell has two kids who attend Southside. She said the school failed to report an incident involving her son as well.

Meantime, Buckley said she ll keep speaking out until she finds out who hurt her child.

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