HOUSTON While the stalemate holds, and blame is tossed back and forth in Washington DC, the top tier candidates for the Texas governor s mansion are weighing in on the campaign trail.

The talk here doesn t sound much different.

This is a classic example of a lack of leadership, and leadership starts at the executive office. The chief executive needs to sit down with all sides and bring them together, Republican Texas Attorney General Republican Greg Abbott said.

State Sen. Wendy Davis is running as a Democrat.

There are thousands of families in Texas that are hurting as a result of the failures of leadership at the federal level. They need to get back to doing their work. They need to stop this shutdown, and they need to take care of these families, she said.

Abbott is well known to Texas voters as the current Texas Attorney General. His take on the government shutdown is that he thinks that it is justified.

In the short term I think that these problems are going to be solved. In the long term what we are trying to do in Texas is to create a state where you have fewer people who are dependent on government, he said.

Before her 13 hour, pink shoe, marathon filibuster in Austin last summer, Davis was not well known outside her district in Fort Worth. The filibuster that propelled her to the statewide stage is the same political tactic used in Washington by Ted Cruz. His action led to the federal government shutdown.

KHOU 11 News asked Davis, Isn t that the same?

After a brief chuckle she replied, I certainly would not do anything that would shut my government down and I think that it would be difficult to draw a comparison between the two.

In the end both candidates say it is about leadership.

It is important that they stand on the values and principles that really protect the economy in this nation, said Abbott regarding the Republicans in Congress.

Meanwhile, Davis suggests:

Being a leader does not necessarily mean being louder. It doesn t mean stomping your feet and bringing government grinding to a halt for purposes of making a statement, she said.

Any of this sound familiar?

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