HOUSTON -- Even the world's most elaborate home security systems can t stop burglars who prefer to go right through your door.

A simple kick or sometimes even just a push, and the bad guys are inside your house.

You think in the movies they pick the lock -- there's no reason to pick the lock you kick the door in. It's the easy way to do it, said door manufacturer Tom Hohl.

Hohl said there's a simple reason why.

This is in 95 percent of the houses around the United States, Hohl said.

According to contractors, the piece of metal that's supposed to secure your deadbolt is only secured to your door trim with only two small screws.

When they get kicked in the first thing that happens is these tiny screws that are holding this plate in don't do anything, it just breaks the whole door out, Hohl said.

So without those reinforcing screws, breaking through an outside door is very easy.

Most door hardware comes with a reinforced plate too -- attached to the door with three-inch screws.

And it also comes with the big reinforced screws which are the key to the whole thing, Hohl said.

But according to Hohl, most installers skip that step to make it easier for them.

Just takes extra time to put that plate in, and they're just not willing to do it.

But for the price of that reinforced plate, a few extra screws, and a few extra minutes, your house can be that much more secure.

Two guys couldn't kick that door in, Hohl said. There's just no way. It wouldn't cost a whole lot of money and your peace of mind would be huge.

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