HOUSTON-- Police are looking for two drivers involved in the case of the dead woman found on the 900 block of the North Freeway.

The victim has been identified as 38-year-old Frances Morales and her family and friends are heartbroken.

Morales was the mother of six children.

Her friend Rebecca Vasquez said she lived a tough life with a live-in boyfriend. He constantly beat her, Vasquez said. She dealt with a lot.

On Saturday night, the 38-year-old was killed after police say she either fell or was pushed from a moving SUV onto the freeway.

After the incident, her boyfriend told family and friends she jumped.

He was like I don't know, Vasquez said. She just jumped out the truck on the freeway going 60 miles per hour.

Police said her boyfriend never stopped and neither did the female driver behind him who ran over the body.

Morales' sister Laura is helping with the six children and believes there is a crime here.

Either he pushed her or she was already dead and he pushed her out, Morales said. My sister wouldn't leave six kids.

Neighbors even claimed to hear the two fighting before their dinner plans the night of the incident.

Police now want to talk to the boyfriend, Ernesto Moncada, who was driving the white Chevy TrailBlazer. The plate is CKF 1159.

They also want to talk to the female driver. She was in a white Ford Explorer.

Anyone with information in this case or on the identities of the wanted drivers is urged to contact the HPD Hit and Run Unit at 713-247-4065 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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