DALLAS -- At the beginning of the year, we brought you the story of a then-four-year-old girl named Maddie Higgins, who was battling a rare form of brain cancer.

We are sad to report Maddie died Monday morning.

She was diagnosed with the disease a week before Christmas, and her one wish was to play in the snow. Her wish was brought to life thanks to the ice company Emergency Ice.

The Facebook page Fight for Maddie was filled with support for the family on Wednesday.

God better be ready to give her the biggest most beautiful wings ever because she has been patiently waiting, her mother, Melanie Higgins wrote. My baby girl, I'll be waiting until I get to see those beautiful eyes and that smile again. Mommy and Daddy love you so very much....I love you today, I loved you yesterday and I will ALWAYS love you tomorrow. Sweetest dreams.

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