SAN MARCOS, Texas -- Thirteen members of Texas State University's drum line are charged with hazing for giving underage students alcohol during an initiation.

University police say the initiation started the evening of August 31 in a campus parking garage on Pleasant Street. The older drum line members then brought the freshman to an apartment complex off campus. According to arrest paperwork, the upperclassmen blindfolded the younger students and gave them alcohol. Some of them got sick from drinking too much.

The affidavit also states that the freshman students were forced to get on their hands and knees and put their heads in the crotch of upperclassmen.

We don't want students to feel degraded or humiliated or put in any type of dangerous situation, so we don't tolerate it, said Dr. Joanne Smith, the vice president of student affairs at Texas State.

Every year, Dr. Smith says Texas State reminds students about hazing both in a code of conduct handbook and a memo.

People think hazing is only something that occurs in the greek community, but it does happen in other organizations, said Smith.

The 13 students involved in the hazing are temporarily suspended from the marching band. Once a University investigation is complete they could face further punishment including community service, suspension or even expulsion.

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