SPRING, Texas Students at Spring High School are still trying to understand the murder inside their school.

For many, fear is the leading emotion when it comes to the school.

I am like nervous. It still makes me shake, Khristian Frales, a senior at Spring High School, said.

Fully recovering at Spring High will take much longer than a few days.

Nothing will be the same ever. Having to walk in the same hallways where a close friend of mine died, Adrianna Rodriquez said.

Like so many others here, Rodriguez is glad she is not in class, because she can t stop replaying those moments in her mind.

I won t see him in the hallways anymore. I woke up this morning. He didn t and it is hard, she said.

Frales is a senior and her brother is a freshman.

Today, it is harder because it is hitting me that he is actually gone. It makes me scared and makes me want to walk my brother to class everyday to make sure that he is ok, Frales said.

She is trying hard not to be afraid.

I don t feel safe at all, another senior, who witnesses the stabbing, said her fear is simple, They are going to retaliate.

We should not have to feel like scared at school. This is the place where we should feel comfortable at, Frales said.

It s it not just students parents are struggling to with little help they say from the district.

Kenneth Frales has been trying to get some help for his three Spring High students with no luck.

I would expect them to have somewhere for them to go. You know the nearest elementary school to see a counselor. Crisis counselors there. Something, Kenneth Frales said.

Instead they have a phone number, and an invitation back to class on Monday.

Plenty of students don t know if they will accept.

I don t know if I will be coming back, and if I do, I will try to avoid certain areas, Rodriguez said.

It depends on how I feel. It is hard, one student said.

Another sums it up best, It doesn t feel the same anymore.

Chaos still on the inside.

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