SPRING, Texas Classes are canceled at Spring High School until Monday, but some parents are gathering at the district s administration building very worried about Wednesday s fatal stabbing.

More than two dozen upset parents gathered Thursday morning, and all walked across the street into Spring ISD s administrative offices demanding added security. However, they are also angry about access to counselors for their children.

Protect our kids. Protect our kids. Protect our kids, several mothers chanted at the receptionist in the lobby.

The parents were not allowed past the receptionist s desk, not allowed to see the superintendent and were asked to leave.

Someone did invite parents to make appointments and come back later individually, but this group went back outside very disappointed.

Their children do not want to go back to Spring High School unless they see metal detectors and more officers.

Two students told KHOU 11 News that they witnessed the stabbing and were told by school administrators that counseling would not be available until Monday.

Neither student said they slept Wednesday night and cannot imagine going back to class. Their mothers are furious.

Why they have to wait till Monday? Why do parents have to go through the pain, the hurt, the suffering from Wednesday s incident in Spring to actually get help? Chelitha Brady, a parent, said.

One of the students said witnessing the incident kept her up all night.

They didn t do anything about the situation or what happened. They wasn t there. When we needed help, nobody was around, the student said. That boy could have still been alive today if they was actually around and there to help him when we needed help. They wasn t there.

Parents complained that nothing is being done about the situation. It s nothing being done. It s nothing being done. They don t do anything, Michelle Clark, a parent, said. When you go to the office to complain about something. That you re kid is being tortured or bullied, there s nothing being done. They don t do anything about it.

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