HOUSTON -- A dog tortured and abused, then dumped at a pet hotel is now being nursed back to health thanks to a local animal rescue group.

Becca, a two year old Retriever is doing remarkably well, considering where she was just nine days ago.

People are horrible, said The Forgotten Pet Advocates Jo Ann Ellis.

Someone had tortured Becca, slicing and stabbing her all over.

There are multiple scabs and puncture wounds all across her back here. Ellis said. The top gums are slit from the back to front, an even cut.

Becca was missing a tooth -- somebody pulled it or kicked it out.

We have to soak her food so she can eat, Ellis said.

The abuser tossed Becca over the fence at a pet boarding facility where a Forgotten Pet Advocate found her.

The rescue group was nursing Becca and other animals back to health or simply caring for them until they can get a permanent home.

Most rescued animals are abandoned, malnourished, have health problems or have been hit by a car.

With surgery, medicine, and love, the animals stage remarkable comebacks and not just physical ones.

She's doing remarkably well to be this loving after something like that happened to her, Ellis said.

When she is ready, Becca will be put up for adoption. Ellis predicts Becca's future is going to be much better than her past.

Unfortunately, The Forgotten Pet Advocates are not optimistic the abuser will be caught.

If you would like to adopt an animal, please visit their website.

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