SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- Hunters, get the guns ready.

Several counties in Texas are more than doubling the bounty on feral hogs in a revamped effort to cut down the population of destructive pigs.

There's an estimated 2.5 million feral hogs throughout Texas. Since they are not native, they have no natural predators and reproduce at a rapid pace.

Caldwell and Hays counties are both upping the bounty hunters receive for hog tails.

Hog hunter Bubba Ortiz removed 469 hogs from within the city of San Antonio last year.

They're in neighborhoods now, he said. Georgetown has a problem. Round Rock has a problem. Austin's outer areas have a problem. San Antonio has an inner city problem now, and if nothing is done about it, it's going to grow and get worse.

In addition to the bounty program, which begins Sept. 1, the feral hog task force is also going to use wireless traps and aerial control.

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