HOUSTON Two teenage girls are shaken up after being terrorized by two car burglars Wednesday in the Bear Creek area.

Heather Stenson, 14, and Autumn Huffman, 16, were sitting in the backseat of a parked Chevrolet Tahoe when two men busted out one of the windows.

I leaned forward, and the first thing I saw was his face, Heather Stenson said. I saw the crowbar come up, and we made eye contact. Then the window was shattered.

Huffman said she tried to lock the car door, but could not hit the switch.

The mother of one of the girls had stopped at a friend s house on Windmoore Drive to drop something off when the attack occurred.

I ve done it a hundred times, left my daughter in the car with the air running because it s so hot here, Kathy Stenson, Heather s mother, said.

Within 90 seconds, two men smashed the passenger side window, stealing her purse.

As soon as it was happened, I unbuckled my seat belt and ran inside, Huffman said.

Heather Stenson said that their vehicle was not the only one targeted.

They were going up to every ones car in the streets, the teen said.

The girls feared the worst. They were on their way to the barn, to feed their animals. The teens were scared that they would never see them again.

I thought it was over right then and there, Heather Stenson said.

Investigators are trying to figure out if these are the same men who have been stealing from cars in the Bear Creek area, especially in the Bill Archer Dog Park.

However, Wednesday s incident was a bold one; the teenagers said they have been scarred.

She made me stand outside the bathroom with her yesterday, because she s so freaked out, Kathy Stenson said.

I stayed on my iPad, all I could think of was the guy breaking in, Heather Stenson said.

The girls said the men drove off in a champagne-colored Chevrolet Malibu with paper plates. The same kind of car as the park car burglars used.

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