HOUSTON -- It was a day that changed so many lives.

Tres Caffall gunned down Constable Brian Bachman as he was trying to serve an eviction notice, as well as an innocent civilian who was just passing by, killing them both.

Also passing by was Barbara Holdsworth, who was in College Station helping her daughter move. She was shot twice behind the wheel of her car.

I didn t know what it was going to take to stop, Holdsworth said. What kept going through my mind was when is this going to end? It s kind of the last thing I remember thinking.

She struggled in her car to survive as the gun battle played out for nearly 30 minutes.

I just laid there, and I prayed, and I begged to hold on, and I thought about my children, Holdsworth said.

Holdsworth, who still has two bullet fragments on either side of her heart, said she s still recovering physically and emotionally, and on the first anniversary of the shootings, her thoughts turn to those who didn t survive.

It s humbling, Holdsworth said. And it makes me wonder why I was the one who was spared. Hopefully, someday I ll know.

She said she ll count every day in between as a gift.

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