AUSTIN-- An Austin jewelry designer is sending a very special gift to Prince William and his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.

As the world prepares to meet the newest member of Britain's Royal Family, Sugar Gay Isber is preparing as well.

I'm sure she's going to be flooded with gifts, I can't imagine the plethora of what they're going to have, Isber said.

Using vintage pearls, Swavorski crystals and sparkling beads, she's created a gift fit for a future king.

Some of the pearls are from the time of Queen Elizabeth's first reign, Isber said. I was a royal jeweler back in Canada working with the Royal Museum and the Parliament.

All of Isber's jewelry is handmade. Creating the delicate crown and other pieces like it is an intricate process.

It's kind of a sewing technique and these are like little nests that are made individually, she said.

This isn't the first piece of jewelry she's made and sent to the Royal Family.

I've given jewelry to all the royals except for Harry, said Isber.

In fact, she met Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth while she visited Toronto a few years ago.

I was so honored and she did spend some time with me and I made her laugh which was lovely, Isber said. It was something I will treasure for a lifetime I'm sure.

She hopes the royal parents will appreciate the token of respect and good wishes she's sending from across the pond.

It might not end up anywhere important but I still want them to be impressed when they open up the box, that somebody put a lot of love and time into the art behind not only the crown itself but the packaging and thinking it all through.

The crown Isber made and sent to the royal family retails for about $700.

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