CONROE, Texas Investigators are trying to sort out the details of a shooting that left a young man dead Saturday in the Piney Point subdivision in southeast Conroe.

It s terrible. I hate to see it, you know. It s a quiet neighborhood and we d like to keep it that way, said Leroy Dudley, resident. It s really shocking to me that something like that happened.

What exactly happened depends on who you ask.

Due to widely varying discrepancies in the stories between the people in the truck and the people at the house, it s going to take a while to get all of this resolved, said Deputy Chief Russell Reynolds, Conroe Police Department.

The people in the truck were two brothers in their early 20s. Police said they were passing by a house near the intersection of FM 3083 and Piney Point Drive around 9:30 p.m. when someone in a large group of people opened fire, striking their truck several times. One of the brothers returned fire.

The driver of the truck fired out of the truck through the windshield and struck a 23-year-old Conroe resident who lives elsewhere in the city, but was visiting the house, said Reynolds.

The shooting victim, Matthew David Hill, died in a roadside ditch at the scene.

He dove toward the ditch line of the road. I yelled his name, he didn t move, said Scott Yager. Yager said Hill was his best friend, but they were more like brothers.

Yager said it all started because of an incident on the road.

Road rage, I m guessing. A gentleman flew up behind us and started riding our bumper. Words were crossed as he was passing and almost slammed into one another, Yager said. The vehicle came back almost 20 minutes later and proceeded to open fire on my brother.

Conroe police and the District Attorney s Office continue to investigate, but no one has been charged at this time.

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