GRANITE SHOALS, Texas -- Father of three Robert Lemaster was working at home Wednesday morning in Granite Shoals when his neighbor's house erupted in flames.

I went into my house, I was in there for probably about 10 to 15 minutes, and I heard a loud explosion, said Lemaster.

He thought it was his own shed that had exploded, until he saw the flames coming from his neighbor s.

As I was standing there I heard somebody hollering for help, so I jumped the fences and went into the back door and the lady was lying prone on the floor.

Lemaster says without thinking twice, he grabbed Connie Loftin and pulled her outside away from the flames. That's when she told him two boys were still inside.

I ran back to the house, tried to go back in and it was just totally engulfed. I couldn't get in there to help the baby, he said.

Loftin s eight-year-old grandson was killed. A 12-year-old relative escaped, and is now charged with arson causing bodily injury and/or death.

The boys uncle, Ken Alexander, told KVUE he never could have imagined such a nightmare.

I m very surprised. It s something you don't think will happen to you, and it did.

Along with his young nephew, four of the family's dogs died in the fire. The investigation is now in the hands of the Granite Shoals Police Department and state fire marshals.

A donation account for the family has been established at Anthem Bank in Granite Shoals under the name Bobby Joe Alexander.

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