CYPRESS, Texas -- Cypress resident Adam Burns will never forget the morning of May 27.

My dog was barking like you can hear now. Wakes me up at 4:45 [a.m.], Burns said.

Burns looked out his blinds and saw the dome light on inside his truck. He quickly dressed and grabbed his bike.

So once I am on the bicycle, I come out here not sure where they may be, Burns added, and I could see that there were other vehicle doors open.

A surveillance camera set up in a neighbor s driveway captured the crooks in action. Burns eventually saw them too.

I walked up to the passenger side and just kind of barked, Hey what are you guys doing? Burns said.

The guy in the passenger seat immediately took off, but the other one pulled out a gun and fired a shot.

My adrenaline level really went up at that point and I took off running, Burns said.

He tripped and fell in the median.

So I tripped and I turned, and that s when I saw him pull up for a second shot and I turned like this and that s when he shot, Burns said, while demonstrating on the ground. Second time he shot me in the shoulder.

The shooter was close and Burns said he thought he was about to die.

I was calm, but I had immediate peace that I was about to be with Jesus, Burns said.

After Burns was released from the hospital, he viewed the surveillance video for the first time and identified the suspects, including the shooter.

Both suspects are still on the run

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