HOUSTON -- A driver nearly hit a McDonald s west of downtown Houstonafter falling asleep and driving into a flower bed, police said.

Houston police and firefighters were called to the fast food restaurant on Washington near the Katy Freeway early Monday morning. They said they found a woman asleep behind the wheel of a stopped car.

Officials said they tried multiple times to get the woman to wake up by yelling and banging on her windows. They then had to break a small back window to get inside the car and wake the woman up.

Police said the woman appeared to be in a dream state and was not aware of where she was. She said she had no recollection of driving onto the curb.

Police said the woman was under the effects of Ambien. She was wearing a t-shirt, robe and no shoes. She also had her dog in the car with her.

She was looked over by a medical team and was released. They said she would not face any charges for the incident.

There have been several cases of people sleep driving after taking Ambien, but it's not clear that's what happened in this case.

Earlier this year, the FDA ordered the makers of Ambien to lower the dosage for women because they process the drug more slowly.

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