HOUSTON - Behind the security leading to a dozen townhomes, homeowner Myra Barron says she saw two men checking the water meters. One of them she said stopped to chat with a neighbor.

And I didn't think anything of it because he was dressed, Barron said.

Both of them were wearing neon vests and hard hats. She thought they were city employees, but a half hour later, she learned they were dangerous crooks when two neighbors rushed to her house and yelled for her to call 911.

One of the guys had handcuffs and the other one had duct tape on his hands and the guy with handcuffs had blood all over him so it kind of freak me out, Barron said.

The two victims told her they were attacked and robbed by the two men pretending to be utility workers.

The victims told us what happened too, but didn't want their identities revealed.

I was walking my dog and I come up to get inside and you know they rushed the door when I had my back turned and they immediately pulled a gun on me and then held us all hostage, one victim said.

They told KHOU 11 News the suspects were in the home for more than 20 miniutes, but left with only cash.

Well they smashed a hammer over my temple. They were trying to freak me out man, but I didn't lose my cool, said one victim.

Both victims want everyone in Houston to know what happened and that you can trust no one even if they look like utility workers.

You got to get you a gun. Those are my thoughts and just be ready, said Junior Martins. Martins lives next door.

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