HOUSTON One of the oldest parks in the city of Houston was looking a little bare Wednesday after a construction project went wrong.

A bulldozer accidently removed dozens of trees and now residents say the damage can never be repaired.

The Woodland Park is a tiny gem barely a mile from the heart of the city. It is 30 acres and dear to the hearts of those who ve cared for it over the years.

This is Woodland Park. This is the beauty. This is what we were saving, said Pam Lowe, a member of the nonprofit group Friends of Woodland Park.

Lowe said she was stunned when she discovered a bull dozer working at neighboring townhomes had crossed the line.

This is a crime. This is a crime to everybody in Houston, she said. And it was beautiful. It was as thick as this over here. Then they scraped it away.

The entire area was full of birds and squirrels nesting. You could see the birds looking for their homes.

I was very devastated when I saw what had taken place, said Bill Workman, one of the partners building the townhomes.

He said he hired a bulldozer operator to level the ground at the property, as outlined in the building permit.

What took place was not our intention, or our goal, he said. As a native Houstonian with family who lives within a half mile of that park I m saddened by the condition it s in right now.

The builder said he ll do everything possible to restore the area to normal, but Friends of Woodland Park said the damage is already done.

It s destruction of public property, Lowe said. It s like you take a bulldozer to the Sam Houston statue, but this is worse. It took a hundred years to make these woods.

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